ENUMER - a decentralized service that allows SIPequipment to make free calls directly, bypassing the classical providers


ENUMER by Emercoin

The service is a distributed address book, built on the blockchain Emercoin. The service complies with the ENUM specification RFC6116. Almost all modern IP-PBXs, including the popular Asterisk and FreeSWITCH, support this standard.

download Emercoin wallet get 1.01 or more EMCs, and verify your phone number with automatic validation and registration service.

ENUM telephone records

ENUM telephone records

ENUMER is a system for supporting ENUM telephone records on Emercoin’s blockchain, stored under the “enum” service abbreviation in the EmerNVS.

ENUM Decentralization service

Decentralization service

Unlike what had already happened to its centralized counterpart, ENUMER won’t let you down if the central authority collapses. Because, well, there is none.

ENUM EmerDNS infrastructure

EmerDNS infrastructure

Deployed over the EmerDNS infrastructure, it is extremely fast due to local query resolution and is infinitely scalable.

Voip by Antisip + ENUMER

Voip by Antisp is ENUMER-capable softphone for free calls through Emercoin’s blockchain. It allows making free calls to American toll-free numbers and phone numbers of other people and organizations, registered in the ENUMER system. One of such organizations is Postmet company, which can install for you PBX, based on Asterisk with the registration within Enumer system.

Softphone is thought to be very useful, especially when traveling overseas, where you can beggar yourself with roaming. To use Enumer, you only need to have access to the Internet, like free Wi-Fi. So, here is a guide on how to use it:
  1. 1) Download the application Voip By Antisip on Android [ for information: in the description, in section “Other features”, the last line goes with: ENUM (e164.arpa) and ENUMER (emercoin blockchain) support].
  2. 2) Get anywhere a free SIP account. Aymeric (a developer of the phone) recommends to obtain it on its service, here is an instruction. However, I think it would be better to get it on Callcentric or Sipnet. Callcentric is good for its stable work and large client base with internal numbers in the USA (including me). Also, you can get an US phone number for free. [ If you want to register there – don’t subscribe to paid services like e911 or something else. Only free base number with per call charge.] A good thing about Sipnet is that if you put there more than $10, then you will have 30 minutes a day to make free calls to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Or find another SIP-provider. There are many of them on the Internet. You can also use your own PBX.
  3. 3) Insert your SIP login into softphone’s Settings/SIP Account menu. Modify Settings/Extra SIP settings, insert "stun.phone.com" into Stun Sever, and set Protocol to "UDP". After successful registration, in tab menu, you will see at the top: "Success 200 OK"
  4. 4) Go to "Setting/Other setting" menu. Seelct checkboxes at items "Use ENUMER" and "Bypass provider for ENUM".
  5. 5) If you use a SIP phone that resides behind a router or another NAT device, there may be a problem - the call goes through, but there is no voice connection, or there is a one-way hearing. To solve it, you need to set an optional feature "Settings / extra SIP settings / STUN Server" - enter the name of the server "stun.phone.com," or any other, by selecting from the list: http://enumer.org/public-stun.txt

That’s all! Now you can make a test call. Go to the keypad, and dial a phone number, starting with a plus. The plus is a mark that the client goes to ENUM first, not to a provider. Then dial any US toll-free number, for example +1-888-221-1161 (Paypal)

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